Land, Sea, Sky

Vast seascapes and intimate landscapes, sculptural clouds and fleeting light. Long exposures and ephemeral moments in time.

About me

Space, Solitude and Fleeting Light

I am a photographer living in West Cornwall and much of my work is a response to the landscape around me. I am fascinated by the way the changing seasons, weather and light continually redefine a familiar place. Over the years I have revisited these locations many times, witnessing the ever-changing light and colour, photographing fleeting moments.

Collections & Prints

A Sense of Place

A selection of recent photographs ranging from vast seascapes and landscapes to close-up details and textures. Sculptural clouds, minimalist scenes and long exposures create a sense of place and transient moments in time.

Artists & Galleries

Photographing Artworks & Installations

If you need high quality images of your artworks or gallery installations, I can provide accurately coloured high resolution jpeg and tiff files of your work.