About Lucie

About Me

Although I had an interest in photography from an early age, it was owning my first digital camera that really ignited my enthusiasm for making images and encouraged me to explore the possibilities of photography. Having worked semi-professionally for several years, I made the decision to pursue my photography career full time in 2016. I now sell fine art prints of my work through Marazion Gallery and directly through my website. I run one to one and small group workshops where I can draw on 30 years of teaching experience. I also photograph artists’ work and gallery installations.

Sand, Sea and Clouds

In my photography I aim to capture a sense of space and solitude, and I am often out early in the morning and after sunset. I am particularly drawn to vast cloudscapes and reflections, waiting for the receding wave to reveal a perfect mirror-image in the wet sand. Slowing down the exposure, either through using filters or after the sun has set, can create a painterly, ethereal image, and I often experiment with longer exposures to capture a memory or feeling of a particular moment in time. I am also intrigued by the minutiae of the world in close-up; patterns, shapes and colours that might easily be overlooked.