Artists & Galleries

Work With Me

I have been working with local artists and galleries to photograph paintings and sculptures, either as individual pieces or as gallery installations for print and web use. I can provide accurately coloured high resolution jpeg and tiff files of your work. If needed I can photograph the work in your gallery space, or you can bring your artworks to my studio in Marazion.

Please contact me if you would like more information, and for prices. 

Artists I’ve Worked With

Artists whose work I have photographed include: Simon Averill, Lisa Wright, Mark Surridge, Neil McLeod, Kate Southworth, Marion Taylor, Nicola Bealing, Lucy Willow, Simon Jacques, Emma McClure, Epping Smith, Jim Aitchison and Peter Webster. I have also provided images for Edition London and Reynolds Optician, and I photograph the installations for Kestle Barton Gallery’s website. I have also photographed the ‘Unsettled’ exhibition by Falmouth University Lecturers at Enys House.

Artists & Gallery Clients